Muslims should ‘believe’ BJP if they want poll ticket, says Shimoga MLA

Koppal: Former deputy chief minister and BJP MLA from Shimoga, KS Eshwarappa, has urged Muslims to “believe” the party if they want tickets for the ensuing Lok Sabha polls.

“Congress uses you only as a vote bank and does not give you the ticket. We will not give Muslims tickets because you do not believe in us,” Eshwarappa said on Monday while responding to a query by Congress leader Iqbal Ansari in Koppal.

Eshwarappa emphasised, “Believe us, we will give you tickets and other things.”

He further said, “Ansari saab should understand this, if he works as a sweeper for ten years and works in the party office, then people of Koppal will decide whether he should be given a ticket or not. Then we’ll see.”

In January, Eshwarappa had referred to former chief minister Siddaramaiah as “mad”.

“Siddaramaiah lost the CM’s post. Since then, he has become like a ‘pagal’,” he had said.