Muslims should reflect Islamic teachings in their lives – Zahid Ali Khan

Hyderabad: Muslims should make a pledge that they will not take dowry and also avoid irreligious rituals in their marriages. This advice was given by Mr. Zahid Ali Khan, Editor of Siasat Urdu Daily while addressing 57th Du-ba-Du (Face-to-Face) Matrimonial Alliance Program organized by Minorities Development Forum yesterday at Milap Garden Function Hall, Mehdipatnam Ring Road.


Continuing his speech, Mr. Zahid Ali Khan told that taking into consideration the present situation of the country, Muslims should reflect Islamic teachings in their lives. Muslims have already been deprived of employment opportunities. Majority of the Muslims is facing financial difficulties. They do not have any status in Society. Despite all these deprivations, if the Muslims do not refrain from spending money lavishly in their marriages, how it is possible to make their lives prosperous?


Mentioning the marriages of rich Muslim families, Mr. Zahid Ali Khan told that serving 20-25 dishes is nothing but an exhibition of their pomp and pride. These rich persons should know that it is causing serious problems for the poor Muslims. They should arrange at least 10 marriages of the poor Muslims along with the marriages of their sons and daughters.


Mr. Zahid Ali Khan lamented that Muslims families are forced to borrow money on interest for celebrating marriages whereas taking and giving interest has been prohibited in Islam. Muslims do not stick to schedule of time. On account of band and bursting crackers, the dignity of the Muslims is being hampered. How long will it take to change our attitudes? Mr. Zahid Ali Khan advised the mothers of the grooms to prefer religious background and character while selecting brides.


Mr. Zaheeruddin Ali Khan, Managing Editor of Siasat Urdu Daily monitored Du-ba-Du (Face-to-Face) Matrimonial Alliance Program. Mr. Abid Siddiqui, President of MDF pointed out that the Muslims parents have become greedy these days. Dowry and other demands are prohibited in Islam. Despite knowing all these, we are adopting these practices which the entire Muslims community is suffering. The increasing numbers of divorce incidents are the results of our attitudes. He further told that out of 372 registrations of Engineering Graduates, 154 alliances have been finalized. He advised the Muslims community to change their mindset. He thanked Mr. Syed Kaleemuddin and Mr. Syed Faheemuddin, Owners of Milap Garden Function Hall for extending their cooperation for conducting this program.


Mr. Zahid Ali Khan garlanded Mr. Syed Faheemuddin. Mr. Gulam Moinuddin Farooqui, President of Dilshad Nagar Youth Welfare Association paid rich tribute to the services of Mr. Zahid Ali Khan.


Mr. Mohammed Tajuddin, Dy. Director of Lok Ayukta, Mr. Mohammed Abdul Qadeer, Vice President of MDF, Dr. Ayub Haideri, Mr. Meer Anwaruddin, Mr. Mohammed Abdus Samad Khan were present on the dais. Mr. Syed Asghar Husain conducted the function. Dr. Durdana, Ms. Khadeeja Sultana, Dr. Nasim Ali, Dr. Shaik Siyadat Ali and others participated in counseling.



–Siasat News