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Muslims in Munich ‘open doors’ of mosques to shelter strangers

Muslims in Munich ‘open doors’ of mosques to shelter strangers

Berlin: Soon after the public transport was halted, a Muslim newspaper in Germany said the mosques in Munich would open all night for people who were unable to get home after a shooting which claimed eight lives and injured several others.

Muslim newspaper in Germany, Islamische Zeitung, tweeted that all the mosques in Munich will stay open overnight for anyone who are in need of refuge and support.

Public transport in the city has been halted, leaving many people unable to get home, but the police have asked everyone to stay indoors for safety.

Munich’s main train station has been evacuated completely and the city’s transport system has been suspended.

People offered space to the stranded people in their own homes on social media, using the hashtag #Offenetuer, which means “open door”, for people who are stranded without a way to get home, BBC reported.

According to an estimate made in 2009  around 4.3 million Muslims in Germany, representing 5.4 percent of the country’s population.