Muslims open Mosques for Kumbh Mela devotees after rain wreaked havoc in Ujjain

Ujjain: Setting an example of communal harmony in Madhya Pradesh, the local mosques of Ujjain have opened their gates for the stalled Hindu devotees visiting Simhastha Kumbh Mela.

After rain and high-velocity winds wreaked havoc for the second time in a week in Ujjain, local Muslims hosted the pilgrims in mosques.

According to The Better India, hundreds of Hindu devotees, including women and children, took shelter at Hari Masjid in the Topkhana area, as well as in the Sodgiran mosque.

Muslim youths also were stationed at Shipra ghats to prevent pilgrims taking holy baths from slipping into the water. They have saved many devotees from drowning. Around 30 lakh people had taken the holy dip in Shipra River before the weather became rough.

“I am thankful to the local Muslim community, as I can see my parents safe in the mosque in the photo“, said Rajesh Gour, who was worried about his parents’ safety.

At a time when the issue of religious intolerance was debated in every nook and corner of the country creating social unrest, praiseworthy gesture of Muslims in Ujjain is heart-warming and gives a new ray of hope.