Muslims are the king makers in Assam closing phase

Guwahati: Almost 34 % of Assam’s population constitutes Muslims. It has the second highest number of Muslims after J&K. In 9 out of 34 districts, Muslims are in the majority.

Out of 61 seats in Assam, Muslim voters are in majority in Assam in 28 constituencies, and these Muslim voters will decide the fate of candidates.

AIUDF headed by Badaruddin Ajmal, a Bengali-speaking cleric and a businessman by profession has a greater influence amongst the Muslims.

The districts of central and lower Assam, with the exception of the four districts of Bodoland, have sizeable immigrant Bengali Muslim population and at least seven being Muslim majority districts.

The voters leaning towards AIUDF or splitting between Congress. The AIUDF’s entry is eating into Congress’ Muslim vote-base.

The BJP, on the other hand, is hoping that Muslim votes would split between AIUDF and Congress so that BJP will form the government in the state.

Well, the political scene of Assam makes this assembly election interesting to watch.