Muslims in Jammu step up to help Hindu neighbours

JAMMU: Standing in long queues, these people in the Gujjar Nagar area of Jammu are eagerly waiting for their turn to receive the food items that are being distributed by their Muslim brethren.

Being a part of Mohalla Welfare Committee Gujjar Nagar, these Muslim men have been taking care of the 150 Hindu families residing in the area amid lockdown by distributing food items to them, setting a wonderful example of communal harmony.

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They have been distributing food items like flour, lentils, rice, sugar, vegetables and other essentials items to the families.

These men also go from door to door to enquire if any of the neighbours are short of any essential or food items and then make arrangements for them accordingly, thus making sure that none in the neighbourhood sleeps with an empty stomach.

At present, when the whole country is under coronavirus lockdown, in such a situation, a number of people cutting across the religious lines are coming forward and extending their helping hand to those in need.