Muslims ignored in TOI scholarships

New Delhi: Recently the Time of India conducted online test across the country and the selected youth were interviewed by the judges. The youth selected from across the country will get scholarship under ‘Spark’ programme initiated by the Times of India. The test evaluated national and international knowledge of the youth. 300 students were selected after going through the test and interview, whose names and photos were published in the Times of India on March 17. Of the 300 selected youth, only 1 or 3 Muslims have been selected (names of two are not very clear).

Chairman Delhi Minority Commission Dr Zafarul Islam Khan wrote a letter to TOI chief editor Jaideep Bose. While congratulating the TOI for conducting a test and providing scholarships, he expressed sorrow that only 1 to 3.05 pc of the qualified students are Muslims.

Dr Zafarul Islam in his letter to Times editor said that media is a teacher, it shows ways and works as the conscience of the nation hence it should take everyone along with it. Equality should be maintained not only in the selection of staff and freelancers but it should also be visible in various schemes. In the present anti-Islamic environment and hate politics which aim at marginalizing Muslims, a policy taking everyone into consideration is more needed than ever, he added.