‘Muslims had never been our enemies nor would ever be’: Dr. Indu Choudhary

AZAMGARH: Dr Indu Choudhary empowering the village people towards the mission of Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar by her speeches.

In one of motivational speech at Atraulia Tehsil in Azamgarh district, Dr Choudhary said political parties are spewing venom against Muslims saying they are enemies of Hindus and therefore all Hindus should get united against them.

Lekin sarkaar ghoom ghoom ke prachaar karti hai tumhara dushman Musalmaan hai, saare Hindu ek ho jao…

What type of Hinduvad is this, were we want reservation and the one who is opposing it is also belongs to our religion, she questioned in a video.

Those who are opposing the reservation are Hindu and not a Muslim.

Jisne hamari kamar mai Jhaadu aur matka dala tha who toh Hindu hi tha na koi Musalmaan toh nahi tha…..

Jisne hame padhne se roka woh koi Hindu hi tha na koi Musalmaan toh nahi tha na beta….

Jisne Rohit Vemula ko phansi pe chadne ke liye majboor kiya who koi Hindu hi than a, koi Muslamaan toh nahi tha…

Musalmaan hamara dushman na kabhi tha, na kabhi rahega…. 

Hamara dushman who hai jisne hamare Rohit Vemula ko phansi pe chadne pe majboor kar diya…

It should be noted that when Dr. Ambedkar went to London for the Round Table Conference in London, at that time also Mohammed Ali Jinnah and Sir Agha Khan supported him, she further said.

When Dr. Ambedkar does not get a ground for Satyagraha meeting, it is a Muslim gentleman who gave his private land, she added.

Watch the video:

Dr. Choudhary is an Assistant Professor of English, BHU Varanasi.  She is a good orator and visits different villages  to spread awareness and empowered the village people towards the mission of Baba Saheb Dr. B. R. Ambedkar regarding the Constitutional Rights and Fundamental duties.