Muslims furious over blasphemous Wasim Rizvi

Mohammedabad: Strong anger prevails among the Muslims of Mohammadabad Gohna and nearby areas against Shia Waqf Board chairman Wasim Rizvi for his disrespectful remarks against companions of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). Maulana Mohammed Asif, social leader Iftekhar Ansari, Javed Akhtar Bharati, Haji Nazeeruddin Ansari, and Jamaitul Hadeeth chief Maulana Safiur Rahman, Maulana Asif Raza Misbahi, Siraj Ahmed Khan and Mohammed Nasir expressed strong anger and said that Wasim Rizvi is expelled from Islam.

In order to appease anti-Islamic forces, he resorted to cheap tactics of committing blasphemy against companions of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). On one side he is hurting religious sentiments of Muslims and on the other hand, he is denying the teachings of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). The cursed person is making remarks against Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique and Omer Farooq (RAA).

All the leaders alleged that Wasim Rizvi is an agent of Jews. Some Jewish lobby must be behind him, they said. They demanded that the government remove Wasim Rizvi from his post and punish him as he is polluting the environment to appease Jews.