Muslims, don’t fear Donald Trump-Maryam Ali

Maryam Ali, daughter of a famous boxer Mohammed Ali, who appeared as a guest of honor at the Islamic Speakers Bureau of Atlanta’s annual gala on Saturday, Nov. 10, at the Cobb Galleria Centre, told “don’t fear Donald Trump. Don’t fear white supremacists. They’re not powerful enough.”

“The only person to fear is the Creator. Don’t fear anybody else,” she added.

While delivering the speech she said, racism isn’t new.
One group feeling superior to another isn’t new.

My father lived in a world where he was often the target of such hate.

She said, people should vote and stand up for their rights, but then turn inward and make your life the best it can be.

She said she and her father, who died in 2016, used to have deep conversations about life, spirituality and human nature. Those are talks she treasures even more today.

“If he hadn’t been a boxer, I think he would have been an imam,” she said.

“There were other dangerous situations he put himself in, but that’s how he was. He believed every life was important.”