Muslims demand formation of BCs Commission for 12% reservation

Hyderabad: Muslim Ulema are fully supporting the campaign started by Siasat Urdu Daily for getting 12% reservation for Muslims. In addition to the Ulema of Hyderabad, Muslim Scholars from the districts of Nizamabad, Adilabad, Warangal, Mahboob Nagar, Medak and Khammam are supporting this movement. Presidents of Mosque Committees are also associating themselves with this campaign.


This campaign is a non-political movement. The target of this movement launched by Siasat is TRS Govt. so that by exerting pressure, the formation of BCs Commission could be ensured in order to get its recommendations for 12% reservation to Muslims.


Mr. Amer Ali Khan, News Editor of Siasat is in command for this campaign. He has been propagating this movement. The text of the memorandum to be submitted to officials and public representative has been reprinted at page 8 of Urdu Edition of Siasat Urdu Daily today. Ulemas of Nizamabad and Adilabad held an emergency meeting and decided to associate with this campaign. Mr. Syed Basheer Ahmed Khateeb of Khammam Masjid led a delegation and met Mr. Amer Ali Khan in Hyderabad to congratulate him for taking up this important cause. He obtained the copies of the memorandum from him.


Muslim leaders from Nirmal are on the forefront for this campaign. A High-level meeting of the Imams of Nirmal mosque was held yesterday and decided to support this movement. They also told that on the occasion of delivering sermons on Fridays and on Eid-ul-Azha they would highlight the importance of 12% reservation for Muslims. A Muslim Scholar from Khammam told that associating with the cause taken up by Siasat is a matter of virtue. The benefits of Siasat’s Millat Fund are improving the lifestyle of many Muslims.



–Siasat News