Muslims condemn Dhaka attack, pray for peace and brotherhood on Eid-Ul-Fitr in Agartala

Agartala : Thousands of Muslims all across Tripura gathered at the Gedu Mia mosque in Agartala to offer morning prayers on the occasion of Eid-Ul-Fitr, which marks the end of Ramadan, the community’s month-long fasting period.

They used the occasion to condemn the recent terrorist attack on a restaurant-cum-cafe in Dhaka that claimed the lives of 22 persons and expressed the view that Islam has no room for terror and teaches universal brotherhood.

On Wednesday, the Eid prayers started around 9 a.m.when the Imam of the mosque, Maulana Abdul Rehaman, read out a special prayer for global peace.

Prayers were also held in 20 other mosques in and around Agartala and at 350 spots in the state.

Imam Rehaman said: “To maintain peace of this nation, Muslims and non-Muslims should live unitedly. If someone from outside, any enemy, attacks our cities, the Muslims, Christians and all, should stand against that.”

He further said, “I pray that on this happy occation of Eid, every house is filled up with happiness. I also condemn those who want to spread the message of hatred in the name of religion, be it Bangladesh, India or any other place, and stand against those who want to disturb our peace.”

He said Islam teaches love and brotherhood, but it is very unfortunate that today, due to unethical activities of a very microscopic section of Muslims, the entire religion is defamed when it should not be.

The festival symbolizes feasts and festivities and Muslims in Agartala poured in large numbers to pray for peace and prosperity of their people as well as the nation.

Abdul Rahim, a participant in the Eid congregation, said, “Eid is the culmination of month long fasting and now we celebrate Eid. Hindus and Muslims together take part in Eid celebration here.”

Meanwhile, as is customary, Muslims embraced each other and exchanged Eid greetings after prayers. (ANI)