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Muslims clean flood-hit Gujarat temples

Muslims clean flood-hit Gujarat temples

AHMEDABAD: India is a nation of many cultures and many religions. Yet, despite the differences, people believe that ‘hum sab ek hai’. There are have thousands of examples to believe that there is hope for humanity.

In a heartwarming display of communal harmony, 3,500 Muslims from nearby villgae trooped in  Hindu-dominated Dhanera town of Banaskantha district to cleaned places of worships including temples.

Because of the massive devastation that the recent heavy rains and floods have caused in Gujarat, major temples in Dhanera were completely filled with silt.

According to Time of India reports, the volunteers under the aegis of Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind first remove muck from major temples and with the help of locals also cleaned mosques.

“In this difficult hour, we felt that people needed hope and spiritual support to help them pull back their lives. This is why we began cleaning the temples first with the help of locals. Floods have brought each one of us together,” says Mohammed Rafiq Memon of JUH.

These people continuously cleaned many other temples including a century-old Ganapati Temple for more than 6 to 8 hours. Besides major places of worship, Muslim activists also cleaned many other places nearby.

“It took our Muslim brothers close to six to eight hours to help us clean temples including the 115-year-old Lord Ganapati temple and three others. The locals joined hands and helped cleaning three mosques, including Khureshi Masjid, not far from the Ganapati temple in Khatkiwad. Besides religious places, volunteers also cleaned the Nagarpalika office, post office and homes,” Dhanera Nagapalika vice-president Jagdish Thakkar told TOI.

Abdul Hassan Sewani, a volunteer from Sidhpur, told TOI, “Calamity sees no religion and neither did we. In the end, we are humans, brothers in distress who helped each other. We cleaned temples and mosques so the troubled could find some solace,” says Sewani.

Their effort is very much appreciated on social media and pictures are also being shared.