Muslims in Canada hear Azaan through loudspeakers this Ramadan

Toronto: Muslims hear Azaan through loud speakers for the first time in the history of Canada. Due to coronavirus lockdown, Muslims are not able to pray in the mosques; hence they have got the permission to say Azaan in loud speakers in some mosques.

Irsaad Bala, board member Jama Masjid Toronto says, this is no doubt a welcome move for the Muslims, any Muslim would like that Azaan is called on loudspeakers always.

But this permission has been granted as an exception as due to coronavirus lockdown there is an emergency situation in the country, hence people are not arriving at the mosques. As of now, this permission is only for Ramadan. Muslims will listen to the Azaan through loudspeaker throughout Ramadan.

When asked about permanent permission, Sheeraz Mohammed, Imam of Madina Masjid, Toronto, said first they will have to see the reaction of neighbours over this. He added that they are trying to seek permanent permission to use loudspeaker for Azaan but he hoped that there would be some conditions. He said first they will see the response of the public for the month, if it goes well with them, they would seek permanent permission for Azaan on loudspeaker.  

Journalist Tarek Fatah tweeted: “Toronto Councillor
facilitates #TablighiJamaat mosque to announce on loudspeaker the Islamic ‘call to prayer’ #Azaan. For the 1st time in Toronto the sound of “Allah-O-Akbar” echoes via loudspeakers in Toronto, thanks to Mayor
. This is to mark territory”