Muslims believe in secularism, attack on belief intolerable

An all party meeting was held on September 6, to make the ‘Save Belief, Save Constitution’ movement launched by All India Muslim Personal Law Board successful. The meeting was conducted by Markazi Seerat Committee Gulbarga district at KBN Auditorium, Gulbarga.

Delivering his keynote address Mr. Mohammed Asghar Jaleel Vice President Markazi Seerat Committee Gulbarga District and Chairman KDU, Gulbarga claimed that All India Muslim Personal Law Board always foiled the plan whenever it was tried to interfere into Muslim Personal Law. He further said that keeping in view the current situation in the country Muslim Personal Law Board has taken an important decision which should be supported by all Muslims. As soon as Narendra Modi came to power, efforts to change the constitution of the country began and to make the long-time dream of RSS to make the country a Hindu Rashtra, a reality. Muslims’ religious freedom is at stake. Hence, sinking their sectarian and political differences, Muslims should come together to make the ‘Save belief, save constitution’ movement a success.

Dr. Syed Shah Gesudaraz Khusro Husaini, Sajjada Nasheen Bargah Hazrat Khaja Banda Nawaz and member All India Muslim Personal Law, Qamer ul Islam President Markazi Seerat Committee, Gulbarga district and others addressed on the occasion.

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