Muslims arrange food for farmers protesting against farm bill in Punjab

Amritsar: As Sikh farmers stood aginst the new ‘farmers bill’ and agitated, and too rallies on the streets in Punjab. Showing another example of communal harmony a group of muslims organized a langar meal for them on September 26.

Surely, the lockdown and the ongoing pandemic is tremendously effecting our lives but on the same side the brotherly bond despite of diversity and political triggers is seen blooming.

The pictures of these humanitarian gestures have gone viral on social media and it is setting an example for communal harmony in the country.

The protests took place in the state’s Malerkotla town, where Muslims set up food camps near the locations where the demonstrations were carried out against farm bills passed by the Indian parliament earlier this week.

A langar is referred to a community gathering in a Gurdwara, a Sikh temple, where free meals are served to all visitors.

Many are sharing pictures of the scene and lauding the volunteers for their efforts in supporting the farmers.

Many said that the gesture should be an example for religious tolerance in India.

One among in many on twitter wrote,: The Sikh brothers had arranged ‘Langer’ in Saheen Bagh. In Punjab, Muslims have arranged the ‘Langer’ for farmers, this is India but some people don’t like it.

During the Citizenship Amendment Act (Bill) protests, which occurred after the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) was enacted by the Indian government in December 2019, Sikhs from Punjab had come from their state to Delhi and setup similar camps.