‘Muslims are younger brothers of Hindus, a family cannot run if respect is missing, says UP Chief Information Commissioner

Muzaffarnagar: Uttar Pradesh’s Chief Information Commissioner Hafiz Hussain is yet again caught in another controversy for his speech where he said Muslims are younger brothers of Hindus.

Hafiz Hussain was speaking at a private function in Muzaffarnagar on Saturday where he said “I appeal to every Muslim that he must respect a Hindu because, in India, a Hindu is the elder brother while a Muslim is the younger one. And if this respect is missing, a family cannot run.”

Advising Hindus to think of Muslims the same way, he said, “An elder remains an elder till such time that he respects those younger to him,” he said, adding the rights minorities in the country enjoy, he said, “India is the country where we live in peace. I have visited several countries, like Saudi Arabia and UAE, where I tried to speak with local residents about their King or PM. However, no one wanted speak against the government or their PM. In India, however, you can speak about your rights and hold demonstrations.”

Earlier in April last year, Usman was caught in controversy for raising the slogans of Jai Shri Ram and ‘Bharat Mata ki jai’ while addressing a private workshop on RTI Act in Moradabad. Initially, Usman had started speaking on RTI Act and then spoke on Triple Talaq before raising the slogans, Times of India reported.