Sheep are more important than Minorities for KCR

Hyderabad: The government of Telangana has made minorities of the state less important than the sheep. Chief Minister of Telangana Mr K Chandrashekhar Rao presented the interim budget and announced to earmark 2004 Cr for the welfare of minorities, whereas the government has announced to allocated 2600 Cr for the rearing of sheep.

KCR government has not fulfilled the promises made to Muslims since the formation of Telangana. It had promised to provide 12 pc reservations to Muslims within 4 months of coming to power but even after the completion of one term, the matter remained as it is. It was expected that the government would enormously increase the minority budget and will try to compensate for its failure of providing the reservation. But the same was not done.

By increasing the minorities’ budget by just 4 Cr the government is rubbing salt on minorities’ wound.

Siasat news