Muslims are terrorists, trap Hindu women, say ‘hate’ pamphlets distributed by VHP, Bajrang Dal at Rajasthan Fair

Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) and Bajrang Dal members distributed two controversial pamphlets which have anti-Muslim content, at a spiritual fair organised at Rajasthan by HSSF, an RSS affiliate. One of the booklets titled ‘Jihad and love jihad… Hindu girls beware’ sold by VHP for Rs 5 each, advises Hindus to use of words like “terrorists”, “anti-national”, “pro-Pakistanis”, “womanisers” and “smugglers” to describe Muslims to women in their household. It is seen as a campaign against ‘love jihad’.
As reported by TOI, the manual also recommends that parents to monitor their daughters’ activities at school and college, scan their mobiles phones and warn them if a Muslim boy comes home to meet them. It also presents a purported ‘love jihad rate card’ listing the different sums a Muslim man “stands to earn” for “luring and converting girls from different communities and regions”.

Another pamphlet which is distributed for free by VHP and Bajrang Dal members features a morphed photograph of Bollywood actor Kareena Kapoor, with half her face covered by a niqab, and a bindi on her forehead.

Citing Bollywood actors Amir Khan and Saif Ali Khan as “examples the pamphlet claims that Muslims have been using ‘love jihad’ to “convert Hindus for the last thousand years”, the pamphlet goes on to say that the above mentioned Bollywood actors have deserted their Hindu wives to entrap other Hindu women.
The five day ‘spiritual’ fair was organised by Hindu Spiritual and Service Foundation (HSSF) that began on Thursday. According to organizers about two lakh students of school and college students who are brought there by their institutes attended the fair. HSSF has tied up with 1,200 such institutions in and around Jaipur.