Muslim youth urge unity of Jamiat to save Islam

Over 200 alumni of top Islamic institutions in the country on Saturday urged for unity in the factions of Jamiat Ulama-e-Hind to provide leadership to the country’s Muslims in the critical times confronting the community in India and globally.

In an open letter to the Jamiat, the alumni from India and abroad have expressed anguish at the growing incidents of “intolerance” by fanatic elements, communal attacks against against the community members and promoting anti-Muslim hate-crimes as part of a conspiracy to destabilize peace and unity of India.

The largest Muslim organisation in the India with a membership of over 10 million, the Jamiat split into two factions in 2008 with both questioning each other’s credentials.

At the global level, the situation of Muslims has gone from bad to worse with community members targeted by anti-Muslim forces, terrorists or the so-called anti-terror forces, said the letter.

“As a result, the entire Muslim world is red with the blood of innocent Muslim civilians. The incidents of Islamophobia are painfully on the increase the world over,” said the appeal, released through Maulana Burhanuddin Qasmi of Markazul Ma’arif Educational Research Society here.

At this critical juncture both on the national and global worlds, the Muslims of India, especially the graduates of Darul Uloom Deoband, Markazul Ma’arif and other institutions look to the Jamiat with hope to provide “stronger leadership and louder voice for Muslim masses in India”.

“Under the influence of extreme anguish and restlessness, we humbly request you to unite the Jamiat, the premier Muslim organization founded by the pioneering nationalist Ismlamic scholars of the country,” the appeal said.

It urged the JUeM to immediately launch a countrywide campaign and protest against persons or organizations who indulge in anti-Muslim activities.