Muslim women will not tolerate interference in Sharia: AIMPLB members

Hyderabad: Women members of All Indian Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) on Wednesday said that Muslim women are safe and secure in Islamic sharia and will not tolerate any interference in it.

Stating that no force on earth can change Muslim Personal Law, they said any attempt to impose Uniform Civil Code (UCC) will create conflict in the society.

Asma Zehra, one of the members of the apex body of Indian Muslims, said Sharia is oxygen for Muslim men and women and under no circumstances they will agree to any changes in it.

She along with four other women members of AIMPLB were addressing a massive all-party public meeting here on Wednesday night for protection of Sharia.

Hundreds of women attended the public meeting organised by AIMPLB at Darussalam, the headquarters of All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM).

She said the boycott of Law Commission’s questionnaire by AIMPLB and the huge response to signature campaign against UCC were be a clear message to the government that there can’t be any compromise on Muslim Personal Law.

She said the almighty ‘Allah’ made a law for the betterment and welfare of men and women.

“This law is by the creator and thus it is in tune with the human nature. It’s well balanced and has given status of respect and dignity to women. They are protected, safe, secure and satisfied,” she said while condemning attempts by what she called handful of people and a section of media to malign Sharia by using few self-styled Muslim women.

She said divorce is not a problem but a solution to the problem. “If a man and wife can’t adjust, they can’t be forced to live together for whole life. Talaq (divorce) provides a way out,” Asma said.

She alleged that in the name of showing sympathy to women, attempts are being made to snatch the right to divorce.

Another woman member of AIMPLB, Sabiha Siddiqi said the government was wasting its time and machinery in creating conflict in the society.

She said Muslim women would be in the forefront in the efforts to protect Sharia.

The speakers said the best response to the attempts to interfere in Muslim Personal Law is that Muslims strictly follow Sharia.