Muslim Women Thrown out off plane for ‘staring’ At a crew member

One more incident of alleged discrimination against Muslims, at airports and elsewhere.

The pair of Muslim women were taken off from the JetBlue Flight 487 , after a member of the cabin crew “didn’t like the way [they] were staring back at her”. The plane then took off from Boston to Los Angeles without the pair.

A fellow passenger Sharon Kessler took to social media to write about the incident, she said.”The flight attendant] casually relayed to a coworker that she didn’t appreciate being stared at she did not seem rattled or scared just smug”.

Ms Kessler added. “Then after we landed she announced that the Kessler added. authorities would be boarding the plane and to remain in our seats with seat belts.”

Kessler’s friend Mark Frauenfelder posted a video of the incident on YouTube. “It was a terrible moment honestly these women sat quietly, watched movies it felt like overkill from this flight attendant.”

JetBlue said in a statement,that the flight attendant had been under the impression one of the women had been filming in-flight procedures.

“If a crew member believes a customer may be filming safety procedures, the crew member may report it for further review. In this instance, our crew members acted in accordance with security procedures. We appreciate our customers’ patience and cooperation, and apologise for the inconvenience,” the airline said.