Muslim women pledged to keep small family in a convention organized by RSS at Ajmer

Ajmer: Muslim Rashtriya Manch (MRM) an outfit of RSS passed resolutions on ‘family planning’, ‘intolerance’ and ‘terrorism’ at a meeting held in Ajmer. A welfare fund for Muslim women was also declared in the said meeting.

In order to minimize the population of the country, 5,000 Muslim women who attended the convention pledged to restrict their families. They said that it would facilitate them to offer better education to their children. Mohammed Afzal, Convener of MRM told that by small family, he meant only two children.

A resolution was passed to condemn intolerance. He further said that terrorism is against the teachings of Islam. He quoted the tradition of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) which says that getting education is obligatory for every Muslim.

The fund created for the welfare of Muslim women makes a provision for their education, marriage and other programs. Initially, a sum of Rs. 5 lakh was allocated for this fund. The membership of the fund is open to women who can enroll themselves as members by paying Rs. 1,000. This was disclosed by Ms. Reshma Hussain, National Convenor of the women’s wing of MRM.