Muslim woman offers to help her son’s killer

NEW DELHI: “Vengeance solves nothing. It won’t bring back her son,” said 66-year-old Rukiye, a devout Muslim who converted in her late-teens.

On the night of June 28, 2015, Suliman Abdul-Mutakallim was on his way back home, carrying a bag of food when he was shot in head and was robbed by three of just $60.

39-year-old Navy veteran, known by many as “Sam,” left bleeding on the pavement.

Javon was 14 at the time.

More than two years later, on Nov. 2 just after Javon pleaded guilty and sentenced to prison terms for being involved in Suliman’s murder, Rukiye took permission from the court veterans addressed Javon. She hugged him and vows to help the teen and his family. She also embraced Javon’s mother.

Rukiye told him,

“I don’t hate you, I can’t hate you, it’s not our way, showing rahmah (mercy) is our way.”

She said, “His death was already ordained. Maybe the purpose is to save your life.”

“We have to fight for them to see that there is a better life,” she said, “and then they have to fight to get to where that better life is,” Rukiye said.

Watch her emotional speech:

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