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Muslim woman kicked out of the Bank for wearing head scarf

Muslim woman kicked out of the Bank for wearing head scarf

Washington: Jamela Mohammed dropped by the branch of Sound Credit Union Bank on Friday to make the car payment.

As it was Friday, she wore a sweater with the hood covering her head. As she walked in the bank at the cashier, she was asked to remove her hood.

As can be seen in the video she uploaded on her Facebook account, Jamela turns her camera towards the board that says ‘For Your Safety, Remove your Hats, Hoods, Sunglasses’. She then turns her camera towards the cashier and then turns to show three men wearing caps.

When she polite questions why is she being asked to do it, the Supervisor walks in and warns her saying if she doesn’t do as she said then she will be calling Police.

‘This is my hood. My face is showing and so I currently do have an issue today. I’m being polite, I’m complying. I simply stated that I just need to pay my car note today’ says Jamela.

Jamela later told Komo News, ‘I didn’t even get to utter a word. She started screaming, “One, two, three! I’m going to call 911!”

The next thing that is seen is Jamela is all tears in her car, as she says ‘I feel so embarrassed right now’.
Sharing her video of what she went through on Facebook, she says, ‘I never want this to happen to anybody and NOBODY should ever be treated this way. Thank you’, as reported in Jantakareporter.