Muslim voters hold key position in Indian politics

New Delhi: Muslim voters hold key position in Indian politics. There are 15 such parliamentary constituencies where Muslims constitute 50 pc to 70 pc voters. These parliamentary seats include, Kishanganj of Bihar, Jangipur of West Bengal, Malda, Berhampur, Murshidabad, Malappuram of Kerala, Barpeta, Karimgunj, Dhubri of Assam, and Hyderabad of Telangana. While Baramulla, Anantnag of Jammu and Kashmir and Lakshadweep top the list.

70 parliamentary constituencies of Kerala, West Bengal, Assam, UP, Bihar, Telangana, Jammu and Kashmir, Andhra Pradesh, and Maharashtra etc. have more than 20 pc Muslim votes.

However, when the Muslim votes split it becomes the cause to bring it to backline from the frontline destroying their decisive force. There are 130 to 135 seats in UP alone where Muslim vote can decide the victory and defeat of the candidates. But unfortunately, falling prey to divisive politics the Muslim vote plays role in defeating some candidate instead of assuring victory for them.