Muslim-unity need of the hour

Muslim unity is the need of the hour. Muslims should follow the hadeeth which states “in their love, kindness and compassion for each other, the believers are like a human body: when one part of it is hurt, the rests sympathizes with it in wakefulness and fever” (Bukhari, Muslim). But unfortunately Muslims today are very careless about this, such mistake in the past has resulted in a great loss for Muslims.

Islam was a widespread religion in what is now Spain and Portugal for nine centuries, the way in which Muslims declined during the last days of Al-Andalus, Muslims today face the same situation in many countries. Muslims are overpowered by anti-Islamic forces everywhere.

We should not forget that anti-Islam and terrorist forces are stronger than Muslim forces. Hence if Muslims do not form a strategy and do not get united they will not come out of dangers, they are surrounded with.