Muslim students highest in dropout – Parents forced to send them to labour

Hyderabad: Muslim students are the highest among the school drop outs. This figure is more than the backward classes’ students. It was revealed through a survey conducted by National University of Educational Planning and Administration, New Delhi. The survey revealed that in Primary Education Sector during the academic year 2013-2014, the percentage of school dropouts was 17.43 whereas this percentage was 30.95 among the Muslim students. The dropout rates for SCs were 16%, STs 15.58% and OBCs 18.69%. This situation continuous in higher education sector also. The main reason for the dropout of Muslim students is economic backwardness. They do not get even two time meals in their houses. Their parents send them to workshops for earning their bread. It was also indicated through this survey that the Muslim parents discontinued the education of their children at college or university level since they can’t effort it. Educationists opine that Central Govt. should pay special attention to stop the rate of school drop outs among the Muslims.



–Siasat News