Muslim spokesmen missing from AICC platform

New Delhi: Muslim national spokesmen are missing from the official platform of Congress which claims to be following Gandhi, Nehru ideology. Congress president Rahul Gandhi has fielded 45 spokespersons of which 9 are senior national spokesmen while 36 are national spokesmen.

Ghulam Nabi Azad, Salman Khurshid and Dr Shakeel Ahmed are the Muslim faces among senior national spokesman, whereas M Afzal and Syed Nasir Husain are among the 36 national spokespersons of AICC.

According to Inquilab, Muslim national spokespersons are not given a chance in the daily press conferences in the AICC. According to reliable sources, Muslim spokesmen are kept away from the official press conferences due to fear of polarisation politics by the BJP.

After the Modi government came to power, Muslim spokesmen have been silenced in the party in AICC. It must be recalled that the Antony Committee in its report had attributed Congress’ defeat to Muslim appeasement. Since then Congress’ attitude towards Muslims has changed.

According to highly placed sources, Congress media department feels that if a Muslim leader addresses from AICC platform, BJP will use it for polarisation politics.