Muslim scholars take out tiranga yatra with message of peace

Agra: Tiranga yatra with a message of peace was taken out by Muslim clerics. The yatra began from Shaheed Smarak Park, Sanjay Palace. Local clerics and religious personalities from the districts participated in the yatra. However, the yatra was stopped at Shaheed Smarak and the memorandum addressed to the president was taken there itself.

Social worker Shabana said Muslims are peace-loving. Mufti Mudassir Khan Quadri said that the freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives for the country would have least idea that one-day political leaders of the country will play Hindu-Muslim politics. Had they known this would not have fought together and the country would not have become independent. The present politics seems to be the replica of British politics. Both used divide and rule policy. Hafez Mumtaz Quadri said Tiranga is our pride, the purpose behind taking out tiranga yatra is to show that the country does not belong to the followers of any particular religion but it’s everyone’s.