Muslim reservations issue overlooked in House Committee: Azmatullah Husaini

Hyderabad: General Secretary of Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee, Mr. Syed Azmatullah Husaini expressed his anxiety over neglecting the issue of 12% reservation for Muslims in the House Committee of Minorities Welfare Dept. He said that the claim of TRS and MIM to be the champions of the Muslims has been exposed. The silence of the Muslim members of the committee has also disappointed the community. He asked the TRS members as to whose agenda are they working?


He pointed out that STs made a representation led by Mr. Ajmera Chandulal, TRS Minister to the Govt. A meeting was held with the higher officials of the Govt. in which a resolution was passed recommending 9.5% reservations for STs.


Mr. Husaini lamented that the Muslims members of the House Committee did not learn a lesson from STs.



–Siasat News