Muslim reservations, Government’s intentions are not good – VHR

Muslim reservations, Government’s intentions are not good – VHR

Hyderabad: Former Congress MP of Rajya Sabha, Mr. V. Hanumantha Rao told that TRS Govt. is not serious about providing reservations to Muslims. He severely criticized the policy adopted by TRS Govt. of Telangana. He was addressing newsmen at the residence of Vice President of District Congress Committee of Nizamabad, Mr. Ashwaq Ahmed Khan. He told that TRS Govt. intends to send the bill to center after passing it in State Assembly. TRS Govt. of Telangana knows very well that BJP is in power at the center and in such a case how can it expect to pass the bill in the Parliament to provide reservation to Muslims.

By giving such assurances, TRS Govt. is cheating the Muslims. He advised the Govt. to provide reservations to Muslims under the constitution. If TRS is sympathetic towards Muslims, where is the need for supporting Narendra Modi.

Mr. Hanumanth Rao further told that many persons are attending the meetings of Congress in UP. They are opposing the demonization policy of Narendra Modi.

–Siasat News