Muslim representation in Gujarat assembly drops

Muslim representation in Gujarat Legislative Assembly is abysmally low. The population of Gujarat is around 6.7 crore, out of which Muslim population is 65 lakh i.e. 9.7 pc. Muslims role can affect the candidates’ victory or defeat in 18 assembly constituencies out of 182. But Muslim representation in the assembly doesn’t commensurate to this.

In 1980, 12 Muslim MLAs were elected out of the 17 contested. While in 1985, 11 Muslim candidates participated out of them 8 were elected.

During 1985-1990 Muslim members in the assembly were more than their population ratio. However since then the number of Muslim members has been declining. In 1995 only one Muslim candidate won the election.

In 2017 elections BJP didn’t field any Muslim candidate, while Congress gave ticket to 6 Muslim candidates, out of them 3 emerged victorious.