Muslim Quota: Over 31,000 online forms submitted to BC Commission through

Hyderabad: Siasat Daily News Editor Amer Ali Khan and Syed Khalid developer of submitted 31,000 online filled-in forms to the Telangana State Backward Classes Commission during its public hearing held at Commission’s office in Khairtabad on Monday 19th December 2016.

Khalid Saifullah, in coordination with Siasat Urdu Daily, had developed a website to facilitate easy submission of views in favour of increase in Muslim quota which was subsequently sent to the BC Commission. The website digitally reproduces the questionnaire and has pre-selected the answers prepared by Aariz Mohammed. The respondent can change the pre-selected answers.

Siasat Daily News Editor Amer Ali Khan has thanked the people for who visited the website and submitted the online petitions and all who have shared it with their contacts. He said 31,000 forms in 3 days shows how eagerly Muslims are waiting for reservation and requested BC Commission to do the needful for implementation of 12% Muslim reservation”

Syed Khalid said that out of 14,000 comments recieved in website, Most of comments were asking BC Commission to do comprehensive analysis and submit the report that can get 12% reservations to Muslims with out legal hurdles.

“In Judgment on AP act No 26 of 2007 of 8th Feb 2010. One of the Judge red out para 72 of the Judgment “As seen from the above, the facts themselves speak that the commission has not toured the entire State and it only touched some parts of the State (6 Districts only) and came to the conclusion that particular classes of Muslims are socially and educationally backward. But no explanation is forthcoming from the Commission for conducting such a short survey in a hurried manner. The report of the Commission should, therefore, be held to be mechanical and perfunctory in nature and there was no independent survey and proper application of mind” Syed Khalid added.