Muslim Quota: Over 11,000 online forms submitted to BC Commission

More than 11,000 people submitted their petition in favour of enhancement of quota in jobs and education for backward groups of Muslim community through an exclusive website

City-based techie, Syed Khalid Saifullah, who developed the website, informed that the printouts of all the online filled-in forms were submitted to the Telangana State Backward Classes Commission during its public hearing held at Commission’s office in Khairtabad on Saturday.

Khalid Saifullah, in coordination with Siasat Urdu Daily, had developed a website to facilitate easy submission of views in favour of increase in Muslim quota which was subsequently sent to the BC Commission. The website digitally reproduces the questionnaire and has pre-selected the answers prepared by Aariz Mohammed. The respondent can change the pre-selected answers. On 17th December, Siasat Daily News Editor Amer Ali Khan will take all the forms on behalf of the users and submit to BC Commission.

Since the BC Commission has extended public hearing for two more days, Siasat Daily News Editor Amer Ali Khan has requested people to submit their petitions in large numbers by visiting the website. He said that the petitions received online would be submitted before the BC Commission on the last day of its public hearing on 19th December. (INN)