‘Muslim Personal Law is divine; any attempt to impose UCC will create conflict in society’

Kolkata, November 18 (Pervez Bari): “No force on earth can change Muslim Personal Law as it is divine which has been formulated by the Creator of the Universe. Any attempt to impose Uniform Civil Code, (UCC), will create conflict in the society.

The Almighty Allah made a law for the betterment and welfare of men and women. This law is by the creator and thus it is in tune with the human nature. It’s well balanced and has given status of respect and dignity to women. They are protected, safe, secure and satisfied. Divorce is not a problem but a solution to the problem. If a man and wife can’t adjust, they can’t be forced to live together for whole life. Talaaq (divorce) provides a way out. Allegedly in the name of showing sympathy to women, attempts are being made to snatch the right to divorce.”

The above views were expressed by Maulana Syed Mohammad Rabey Hasani Nadvi, president of All India Muslim Personal Board, (AIMPLB), while delivering his presidential speech in the three-day 25th general session of AIMPLB here in Kolkata at Myrah Banquet Hall on AJC Boss Road, Beside St. James School, on Friday.

About 400 delegates from all over the country are participating in the convention. . The 20th session of the Board was also held in Kolkata in February 2008. And prior to this in 1985 also the AIMPLB organised its conference in the city.

Earlier, Member of Parliament Sultan Ahmad, chairman of the Reception Committee of AIMPLB delivered the welcome address.

Continuing Maulana Rabey Uniform Civil Code, he said it is divisive and will lead to social unrest. It is against the spirit of the Constitution, which safeguards the right of citizens to practice their culture and religion. Uniform Civil Code is not good for this nation. There’re so many cultures in this nation and they have to be respected

He cautioned the Indian Muslim community to remain vigilant to safeguard the Islamic Sharia as the conditions that prevailed more than 44 years ago which forced to form a board to protect the Muslim personal laws have not abated and will continue to raise their heads from time to time. Without naming any particular party government, he said, fresh dangers are looming large with more vigour now as the new government of the day seems intent to usurp the Sharia laws. If the community does not pay necessary heed to safeguard it then harm may be caused in performing their religious rituals and following their rights and duties as a Muslim in the country.

As such Muslims should keep a constant eye on the situation and the developments that take place therein so that the community is always able to avail its religious freedom as guaranteed by the Indian constitution and there is no curb on it. This is necessary because they are in the minority and their identity as a Muslim is maintained unscathed. The bogey of Uniform Civil Code which occurred in some people’s minds has cropped up once again with greater vigour while it is well known that the Indian Constitution has given country’s every religion the right to practice it according to their established norms and run their institutions.

Maulana Rabey urged Muslims to be a practicing Muslim following the Shariah laws in letter and spirit to influence others by their characters and practical examples of exemplary behaviour even in adverse situations. He asked Muslims to make aware the vast majority of country who are ignorant about the special features of Islam which is beneficial for the whole humanity. If this is done then the opposition from the main majority community, who think Muslims as adversaries, would cease by itself. Moreover, Muslims should not get demoralised but stand united to face the challenges posed by the adversaries. (pervezbari@yahoo.co.in)