Muslim parties: sympathizers or vote splitters?

Number of votes has great significance in democracy. Political parties show their performance to get large number of votes; they try to lure voters by their election promises and developmental plans but 2014 general elections has changed this notion and the democratic system of the country has been rotating on the axis of political conspiracies. Although promises are made to voters regarding developmental plans, corruption free rule, equality, equal opportunities to all sections but people have lost faith in the promises as a result now focus is on split of votes rather than gaining votes.

The practice of vote-splitting was common in Hyderabad, Lucknow and Mumbai and in some parliamentary constituencies of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. But this trend is fast gaining popularity in politics across the country. If the plan prepared in Nagpur becomes successful in Uttar Pradesh, the same will also be implemented in 2019 general elections. Vote splitting political parties will be paid amount upto the tune of 5000 Cr in 2019 general elections and will be asked to field candidates on more than 50 parliamentary seats so that Muslim votes could be split and secular forces can be kept away from power.

BJP has now understood that Narendra Modi charisma will no longer be useful nor it has confidence that it would get votes on the basis of its performance hence it is planning to use Utter Pradesh as experimental laboratory in 2017 so that the same strategy could be applied in 2019 general elections.

In the Uttar Pradesh assembly comprising of 403 seats, BJP has planned to take help of vote splitting parties to divide 20 percent Muslim votes. It is paving way for such political parties who can ensure victory of BJP by sowing the seed of communalism. BJP would not only use Muslim parties to split 20 pc Muslim vote but would also use its allied Muslim organisations to divide Muslim votes on the basis of cult (maslak). The job of Muslim political party in Uttar Pradesh would be to divide Muslim votes. The provocative speeches made during the election campaign would greatly benefit BJP as the provocation would help uniting majority votes. Efforts are also on to use some elements belonging to Hyderabad who have expertise in fanning sectarian (maslaki) differences.