Muslim outfit puts bounty of Rs 10 lakh on Shia Waqf Board chief’s head

Lucknow: A Bareilly-based Muslim outfit All India Faizan-e-Madina Council (AIFMC) has announced a bounty of Rs 10,00,786 and a free Haj trip for anyone who beheads Shia Waqf Board chief, Waseem Rizvi.

According to the organisation, Rizvi’s statement on ‘Madrasas produce terrorists’ had hurt Muslims’ sentiments.

“Our organisation would pay Rs 10 lakh to anyone who beheads Waseem Rizvi and will also sponsor his Haj (trip),” said Moeen Siddiqui Noori, head of the AIFMC.

The controversial organisation also gave a time limit of two days to Rizvi for apologising. In case he fails to do so, the organisation would behead him, said Noori.

On the other hand, Sofiyan Khan who is BJP’s district unit president (minority cell) of Azamgarh, planning to reward Rs 51,000 to anyone who spits on Waqf board chief’s face.

Khan had also burnt Rizvi’s effigy in Sagdi Tehsil of Azamgarh on Tuesday, staging a demonstration, reported Hindustan Times.

AIFMC chief had last year issued a similar death threat to controversial Canadian Muslim Tarek Fateh. Then he made an announcement against Zee media group owner Subhash Chandra. He had also placed a bounty on BJP leader Subramanian Swami’s head, following which he was arrested.

“Soon after BJP came to power, home minister Rajnath Singh said there were no terrorists studying in Indian madrasas and that the government wouldn’t close them. He made that statement in Lok Sabha and PM Modi had supported him,” Noori pointed out.

“Rizvi poses a danger and could damage the communal harmony and social fabric of the country. We demand the state government to immediately terminate his services as Shia Waqf Board president. If he doesn’t apologize for his statement, our organisation will behead him and we will award the person responsible with a cash prize as well as a free Haj trip,” Noori stated.

Rizvi had last week sparked a row saying most of the madrasas in India were not recognised and the Muslim students studying in such institutions were moving towards terrorism.