Muslim men can’t practice polygamy or triple talaq in Goa because of Common Civil Code, says Governor

PANAJI: A study conducted by Goa Governor Mridula Sinha on the impact of the state’s Common Civil Code has revealed that neither oral divorce nor polygamy are allowed to Muslims under it, an official statement said on Friday.

A statement by the state Information and Publicity Department also quoted Ms Sinha as stressing the need to create a single identity for women as Indian women, and that a common civil code strengthens this singular identity.

“Under this code, Muslim men can neither practice polygamy nor the verbal divorce is recognised in this State because no such provision exists in the Code and secondly the Muslim Personal Law Application Act 1937 has not extended to the State of Goa,” she said, as per the statement.

“The Governor in her report has laid emphasis on the need to create a single identity for women as Indian Women i.e. one nation and one identity for women, and she has found that practice of Goa Civil Code has led to strengthening of this identity. The Goa Civil Code in true spirit, integrates the society and creates social solidarity,” the statement said.

The statement also said that Ms Sinha had conducted the study after interacting with women from varying religious orientations residing in Goa and heads of the various religious groups.