Muslim marriages becoming occasions for one-upmanship

Hyderabad: There is an urgent need for Muslims to wage a campaign against the extravagance of one-upmanship in marriages.

There are many Islamic rituals that lead to extravagance such as “Mahendi” “Sanchak” and other pre Nikah events which in addition to extravagance are promoting promiscuity in society.

Islam champions a simple Nikah ceremony and it does not approve the extravagance.

Quran says:
“Verily the extravagants are brothers of the Devils, and the Devil is to his Lord (himself)” ungrateful. Quran 17:27

When it comes to marriage, the Sunnah is to make the marriage an easy and affordable affair.

But, unfortunately, today a lot of un-Islamic rituals have crept into Muslim marriages which have absolutely no basis in Islam. Many of these rituals are no more than a boastful show of wealth playing straight into the hands of the Devil as so much wealth is squandered in such marriages.

The show of vulgar extravagance on display in the marriage halls in twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad gives a clear indication that the well off Muslim families are competing for one-upmanship in marriages while the poor Muslim families are unable to bear the expenses of their daughters’ marriages leading to delayed marriages or spinsterhood of poor Muslim girls.

At a time when there is an economic recession all over the world but the Muslim marriages give a false impression that the whole Muslim community in Hyderabad is well off.

In Bhopal Muslim scholars of Darul qaza and Darul ifta has decided to boycott the marriages with unIslamic rituals.

There is an urgent need for Muslim scholars to wage a campaign against this show of extravagance and one-upmanship in Muslim marriages.