Muslim man pressurized by neighbour to become Hindu

New Delhi: A non-Muslim man is pressurizing a Muslim man to become Hindu. The Hindu man is threatening to kill the entire family of Muslim man if they don’t convert. A complaint has been lodged but no action is taken so far. Both had a scuffle on some issue after which the non-Muslim man had been jailed. After release from jail, he filed a rape case against the Muslim man.

Ashraf Ali told that he bought a flat in Rohini sector 25, three and a half year ago where he has been living with his family. After a few days, the non-Muslim man who resides on the first floor of the building met Ashraf and told that Hindu religion is the best and asked Ashraf to accept Hinduism. He said as the majority in India are Hindus, you will have no problem. Muslims are in minority here. Ashraf says initially he shrugged off, but the man started harassing Ashraf’s wife and children asking them ‘when you will become Hindu?’ He also threatened if you don’t become Hindu you will be killed.

The man broke the hand of Ashraf’s pregnant wife with the help of his friend. He also assaulted Ashraf. He was then jailed. But soon after release from jail, he again started harassing Ashraf and his family. He filed a rape case against Ashraf involving a girl who is in the flesh trading profession.