Muslim leaders assert that ‘Padmavati’ may lead to disharmony between Hindus and Muslims

Jaipur: Muslim Community members now express reservations regarding the movie Padmavati, saying that it hurts the sentiments of both the Hindus and Muslims. They assert that the movie can stoke communal passions and lead to disharmony between the communities.

According to News reported in Hindustan Times, Muslim leaders now protest the misrepresentation of Delhi Sultan Alauddin Khilji. Further, Yunus Chopdar, the member of Rajasthan Madarsa Board, said that the film distorted Khilji’s character.

Previously, the movie was also opposed by the Rajputs for distorting facts of history and depicting queen Padmini in poor light.

They further say that “The film shows Muslims in negative light and should be banned. The government should have rules regarding historical films so they do not misrepresent facts.”

Khalil, the chief of Anjuman Talimul Islam in Udaipur, said both the Hindus and Muslims have lived in harmony in Mewar region for centuries and that should not be disrupted.

Maharana Arvind Singh was part of the panel that viewed the film, said that “the movie has scenes that depict not only Rajputs but also Muslims in poor light and that it can lead to tension between the two communities.”

Mr. Khalil said that “We support and stand with Arvind Singh ji. If facts have been distorted and if it leads to communal tension then we will oppose the film.”

He further added that “We request director Sanjay Leela Bhansali to get facts checked by historians and delete those portions that misrepresent history.”

Anjuman Talimul Islam chief in Rajsamand Firoz Vakil says that “2018 is election year and some elements could use the film to stoke communal passions.”