Muslim leaders anxious to meet CM, no interest with Muslim issues

Hyderabad: United Muslim Forum is angry at Mr. KCR that he is not giving an appointment to the members of United Muslim Forum for meeting. Now that CM has made an announcement for the formation of BCs Commission which may be a step forward for providing 12% reservation to Muslims, the leaders of the forum are anxious to seek appointment from CM.

They contend that appointments to various posts in Minorities Organizations are pending and the budget allocated for Minorities Welfare Dept. is to be released.

A meeting of the Forum was held in which it was decided to write to the CM for giving appointments. It seems that the Muslim leaders give more importance to meeting the CM than taking up the issues like 12% reservations and release of budget for Minorities Welfare Department. It seems they want to make an attempt for the political rehabilitation on the posts available in various Minorities institutions.

The meeting was presided over by Maulana Mohammed Raheemuddin Ansari. Present in the meeting were Maulana Akbar Nizamuddin, Qubool Basha Shuttari, Maulana Jamalur Rahman, Mr. Ziauddin Naiyar, Maulana Jafar Pasha, Mr. Muneeruddin Mukhtar etc.

–Siasat News