Muslim groups condemn Paris terror attacks; ask Western powers to stop meddling in Muslim world

New Delhi: Muslim groups and individuals have condemned the Paris terror attack in the strongest possible terms saying there is no justification for this act. However, they said that the western powers (read Christian nations) should stop meddling into to internal affairs of the Muslim world.

While Muslim Political council of India said that words are short to express the anguish against killing of innocent people, it said ISIS must be deplored and root out from this earth. However, Council president Dr T A Rehmani pointed out that all the major powers are involved in turning Syria into the killing field as millions of people were uprooted and displaced and forced to take refuge in neighbouring and European countries.

“These so called world forces are trying to settle their political scores otherwise like Egypt, Tunisia and Libya why the Syrians were not granted their right to have a democracy. In the name of wiping out ISIS these forces are wiping civilians giving way to terrorists to advance further inside. Syria has become battle ground of these forces to establish their hegemony over each other”.

Will anybody ever condemn this 5 year old ethnic cleansing and complete washing away of thousands year old historic cities for their lust of power?, asked Dr Rehmani adding that we need to address the real causes of such heinous and horrifying acts against humanity.

He said there should not be double standard in condemning terror acts pointing silence over the terror attack in Lebanon which took more than 60 lives.

Jamiat-e-Ulama Hind (M) also condemned the Paris attack saying there is no place for such heinous acts in a civilized world. Jamiat leader and former MP Maulana Mahmood Madani also took strong exception for linking the attack with Islam. Lashing out some editorials of the news papers calling for controlling Islam, he said it is reprehensible to attribute terror with Islam.

Justice Markandey Katju blamed the West particularly USA for the rise of ISIS. He said there was no existence of ISIS ISIS before the invasion of Iraq and bombing of Syria.

The former Supreme Court judge wrote in his blog that, “There was no ISIS before the invasion of Iraq & bombing of Syria. Those acts created ISIS. If u converts a human habitation into a jungle, u will convert the humans there into animals.

The hundreds of thousands of people killed and wounded in Iraq & Syria, and millions displaced, had fathers, sons, daughters, wives, husbands, brothers, sisters. Would they not, like ‘ Caesar’s spirit, ranging for revenge, and Ate by his side come hot from hell ‘ (See Shakespeare’s ‘Julius Caesar ‘). join the ISIS to seek revenge ?”

Justice Katju, who was also head of the Press Council of India, also made it clear that he was not justifying the Paris attack but all that he was saying is that it was an inevitable consequence of what some people did.



–Courtesy “Muslim Mirror”