Muslim group in UP bans triple talaq at one go, terms it husband’s fault

Sambhal: A small group of Muslims living in Sambhal district of Uttar Pradesh has banned the practice of ‘triple talaq’ at one go.

The ‘Turk’ group will also consider it as the husband’s fault if a case of ‘triple talaq’ at one go is reported to the panchayat.

However, it was suggested that in unavoidable cases, a man should utter talaq but only once and give time to his wife for things to resolve.

The decision was taken on Friday in a meeting of the ‘Turk’ group, which has about 50,000 members living in 50 villages of the Sambhal district.

Asrar Ahmed, who presided over the panchayat meeting, termed the practice of ‘triple talaq’ at one go as wrong and said the community has decided to do away with it.

“If it is extremely necessary, then a man should say talaq but only once and give a month’s time to his wife,” he said.

If someone divorces his wife by uttering talaq thrice, then the panchayat will punish him, Ahmed warned.

In a case of any dispute with his wife, a man should raise the matter with the panchayat which will try to resolve it. The group had last month banned cow slaughter, and also the practice of demanding dowry and extravagant weddings.