Muslim girl touched inappropriately for saying ‘no’ to BJP cap

Lucknow: A 22-year-old girl alleged that she was harassed and touched inappropriately after she refused to wear BJP cap. After the alleged incident, she wrote on her Twitter account that this incident took place in the bus during a college trip to Agra.

According to the report published in Telegraph, she claimed that her college mate touched her inappropriately. She also claimed that two male teachers who were accompanying them on the trip did not take any step to protect her.

In the series of tweets, she narrated her ordeal. The girl wrote that on the college trip to Agra, she was the only Muslim student out of 55 students. She also wrote that the college mates who were in drunken condition misbehaved with her after she said ‘no’ to BJP cap.

She further alleged that her friends forced her to dance on the song, ” Jiski biwi lambi uska bhi bada naam h use kothe pr bitha do”. When some of her friends came to rescue her, they faced harassment.

In one of the tweets, she wrote, “So much of hatred for Muslims out there… and now it has reached such an extent that students are harassing and molesting others. RT (retweet) so it can reach out to every single person out there. Thank you. Proud Muslim” and tagged PM Modi and few others.

Reacting on the tweets, local police said that action will be taken if a formal complaint is lodged.

Uttar Pradesh Police came into action, tagged Meerut Police and wrote, “Kindly look into it”.

After the tweets went viral, the girl received the support of many people.

Tharoor retweeted and wrote, “If this is Modi’s ‘New India’, I want our ‘Old India’ back!”

After receiving enormous support from various sections of the society, the girl wrote, “I posted my story because I wanted to share what I have gone through… how miserable I felt…. Yes I haven’t complained to police because I will complain to college higher authorities tomorrow.”

“If they don’t come up with some serious conclusion then I will go further. Thank you for your concern,” she added.