Muslim couple donate 100 sqyd land for temple

Meerut: A Muslim family in Uttar Pradesh donated 100 sqyd land for construction of a temple. Retired teacher Aas Mohammed and his wife Akbari donated 100 sqyd land. They are not landlords but own just 2 beegha land. On the issue of Ayodhya, the couple urged the people to put their trust on Court not on leaders.

Construction has begun on the land donated by the couple. The town Sewal where the land is located has Muslim dominated Nagar Panchayat, but Hindu brothers also live there.

One year ago, Hindus in the Harijan Basti undertook the task of constructing a temple. The Hindu brothers reached the house of Aas Mohammed to collect cash donation. Aas Mohammed’s wife Akbari (67 years) expressed her wish to donate 100 sqyd land as a donation for construction of the temple.

According to Akbari her husband Aas Mohammed had donated 150 sqyd land for construction of masjid. Impressed by her husband’s move, Akbari has donated the land for construction of the temple.