Muslim cleric elected gram pradhan of Ayodhya’s Hindu dominated village

In an event that could be considered a perfect example of Hindu-Muslim harmony, a lone Muslim candidate has been elected as a gram pradhan (village chief) of Rajanpur village in Uttar Pradesh’s Ayodhya.

Hafiz Azimuddin Khan is the elected gram pradhan of the village Rajanpur of Mavai block in the Rudauli assembly constituency. He belongs to the only Muslim family in this predominantly Hindu village.

There were eight candidates in this electoral battle of gram pradhan. Hafiz Azimuddin was the only Muslim candidate.

The other seven Hindu candidates tried to win the constituency by promising allotment of land, pension schemes, and houses under the PM Awas Yojana. The villagers still voted for Hafiz Azimuddin, bagging him the victory.

After winning the elections, Azimuddin said: “My victory is an example of Hindu-Muslim affinity not only in village Rajanpur but entire Ayodhya.”

According to him, all the funds allocated for gram pradhan would be utilized for the development of the village. Basic amenities will be augmented, and jobs will be provided to all those entitled under the MGNREGA.

As reported by Hindustan Times – Radhay Shyam, 53, a native of village Rajanpur, was happy with Azimuddin’s victory.

“Azimuddin’s victory is a signal of Hindu-Muslim unity in this village and the rest of Ayodhya. The day Azimuddin filed for his candidature, most of us decided to vote for him.”

Following the COVID-19 protocols, the oath-taking ceremony of gram pradhans and zila panchayat members have been postponed by the state government.

Elections of chairman, zila panchayat, and block pramukhs have also been postponed.