Muslim celebrities host Interfaith Iftar; try to eliminate misconception about Islam

East Delhi: Writer Nazia Iram launched the idea of ‘Interfaith Iftar Party’. Her campaign gained popularity and several profession Muslim women became part of her campaign. Several women are hosting interfaith Iftar to introduce their culture to people belonging to other religions. They also aim at eliminating misconceptions regarding Islam. They invite their non-Muslim friends and acquaintances for Iftar.

Nazia had begun the unique campaign last year through a Facebook post. Later ladies belonging to various fields joined her. Those who also invited their non-Muslim friends to interfaith Iftar are, journalist Sadia Aleem, historian Rana Safwi, pilot Hana Mohsin Khan, journalist Maria Shakeel, Farheen Fatima, storyteller Meera Rizvi, blogger Rukhsar Saleem, Sibbal Khan, Sara Rahman and Biker Firdaus Shaikh. These ladies believe that the inter-faith Iftar parties will bridge differences between the two communities and help eliminate misconceptions regarding Islam and Muslims. Several Iftar parties have been hosted under the campaign in Delhi, Noida, and Gurugram.

Sadia Aleem told that the special part of the Iftar programme is that non-Muslims are given an opportunity to ask questions lingering in their minds about Islam. Some of the questions asked are, why Muslims conduct 4 marriages? Why they have more children? Why are Muslim areas unclean?