Muslim Amazon workers protest claiming they don’t have enough time to pray

Minnesota: Muslim workers at an Amazon warehouse in Shakopee, Minnesota, protested against their employer, claiming rigorous work requirements prevent them from praying. Muslims, who are required to pray five times per day. However, the workers of the tech giant, because of strict workload demands, are struggling to both meet the arduous demands of their employer while at the same time maintaining strict observance of their religious requirements.

As reported by the Blaze, some workers, such as 28-year-old Khadra Ibrahim, told that many Muslim employees are foregoing bathroom breaks in order to both pray and meet work requirements.

Warehouse workers and others in the community, protested outside Amazon’s Shakopee fulfilment centre on Friday, demanding better workplace conditions for Muslim employees.

In response to the complaint, the company cited its excellent compensation and benefits package, as well as its ongoing commitment to accommodate Muslim employees. It stated, ‘we work hard every day to ensure all of our employees are treated fairly and with dignity and respect, including here in Minnesota where we have an open and direct dialogue with employees.’ It added, “prayer breaks less than 20 minutes are paid, and productivity expectations are not adjusted for such breaks. Associates are welcome to request an unpaid prayer break for over 20 minutes for which productivity expectations would be adjusted.”